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What is the Crypto "Lottery Ticket" Movement and How Can You Buy?

Note: This is not trading advice. Investing in the cryptocurrency market comes with inherent risk. Always do your own due diligence.

Table of Contents:

What is a Crypto Lottery Ticket?

It's an ultra-low value asset and features popular names you may have heard in the media such as:

  • SafeMoon - $0.00000819

  • Shiba Inu - $0.00001982

  • SWASS - $0.000000000254

  • Feg Token - $0.0000000221

  • PIG Finance - $0.00000126

  • VANCAT - $0.000000113

  • SafeMars - $0.000000719

*prices shown as of May 14th, 2021

These tokens have been dubbed as "Shitcoins", pardon my French. They're the definition of a "Shot in the Dark". There is even a website called "PooCoin" which is used to chart and gather statistics on all of the low value tokens.

Why buy Crypto Lottery Tickets?

Crypto Lottery Tickets come with a traditional Lottery Ticket notion that their sole purpose is to either make you a lot of money with a very low investment, or lose your entire investment. That's exactly what these are. For example, the value of these tokens are so low that you can buy 1 trillion SWASS tokens for $200 (as of May 14th, 2021). That's a true gamble right there and it could pay off in the long run or cost you a $200 loss. Needless to say, people have made a ton of money off of these and it's only just begun.

One thing which is truly unique is that most of these tokens feature a coin burn and redistribution model which is designed to benefit those who hold the tokens for longer. For example, if you own and hold SafeMoon, you'll receive free SafeMoon every time someone makes a transaction. SafeMoon is probably the most popular from this list, so there is a lot of buying and selling taking place. If someone sells 1,000,000 SafeMoon, 5% of that (50,000 tokens) are distributed to the current holders based on their overall asset holdings. If you hold more SafeMoon than another holder, you'll receive a larger portion of that redistribution.

  • SafeMoon - 5% redistribution

  • Shiba Inu - no redistribution

  • SWASS - 5% redistribution

  • Feg Token - 1% redistribution

  • PIG Finance - 2% redistribution

  • VANCAT - 2% redistribution

  • SafeMars - 2% redistribution

How can you buy a Crypto Lottery Ticket?

The process of buying most lottery tickets is difficult to grasp for a crypto-newbie. However, I've outlined very clear instructions of how to buy using this link. That link is meant to show you how to buy SWASS, but the same steps will apply for any token. Just ensure you use the correct BSC address. You can find them on the token websites or on BscScan and search the name of the token.

Here is a breakdown of where you can purchase the tokens listed above. Buying from and KuCoin will be much easier for the novice crypto investor than Pancake, Uniswap, or 1inch:

  • Shiba Inu

Pancake Swap


1inch Exchange


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