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  • Jordan Hinsch

The Best Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2021

Updated: Feb 26

Note: The following is strictly my opinion only. This is not financial or trading advice. Trading cryptocurrencies comes with inherent risks.

Bitcoin is a buzzing topic right now and many people are wondering how they can get a piece of the action. For tips on how to get started and where to buy crypto like Bitcoin, read my article here.

There are ways to earn free Bitcoin though. Yes, FREE Bitcoin. It's a very little bit at a time, but with the rate that it's appreciating in value right now, it will turn into a lot of money some day. Patience is a virtue.

ANOTHER NOTE: I have personally tested, used, and successfully withdrawn Bitcoin from each of the accounts below to verify legitimacy of each. As always with crypto, ensure you're using the correct, valid wallet address when making a withdrawal.

Here are the best ways to earn free Bitcoin in 2021


Swan Bitcoin







Celsius Network


Affiliate Marketing

HINT: I'd recommend signing up for all of these services. They work in different ways.

Tested by Author: Yes

Earning Potential: $$$$

Ease of Use: 10/10

Method of Payment: Auto-withdrawal to external crypto wallet

It's a somewhat low budget website, but it's legit and I've successfully withdrawn Bitcoin. You simply "spin" as often as once per hour to take your chance at winning as much as $200 in Bitcoin each day. No hassles. It's truly an effortless way to earn Bitcoin. You can Bet on sports games, play their casino, and enter contests to win prizes. I've tested each and have won Bitcoin in each category. Click here to get set up and start rolling.

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Tested by Author: Yes