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  • Jordan Hinsch

Earn Cashback While Shopping... In BITCOIN

Updated: Feb 27

Note: This is NOT a paid or sponsored post. These are my unbiased opinions and they're not financial or investment advice. Always do your own due diligence.

If you're an avid online-shopper, you've probably heard of Rakuten. If you haven't, then you've likely missed out on quite a large sum of cash back over the years. Rakuten is a platform where you can get Cash Back for shopping at over 2,500 stores. Rakuten has more merchants than any other Cash Back platform, but they don't offer the following:

  • In-Store Cash Back (At stores we actually use!)

  • Earn Cash Back in Bitcoin (Rakuten has this feature in Japan only)

As noted above, Rakuten DOES offer in-store Cash Back, but it's only at clothing stores. Let's face it, we are buying clothing online these days. So, in case you're wondering, this article is NOT about Rakuten.

Introducing PEI

The only Cash Back platform you'll ever need

Let's dig deeper into the two points above which are the biggest differences between PEI and Rakuten.

In-Store Cash Back

If you're a Rakuten member, you have the option to shop with about 80 merchants and receive cash back for in-store purchases. This is great, but these are stores like Levis and Finish Line, stores which people don't visit anymore in person.

PEI offers in-store cash back at:

  • CVS

  • Starbucks

  • Walgreens

  • Most Fast Food Chains (McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Domino's, Burger King)

  • 7-Eleven

  • Countless local restaurants

  • Most of the stores available at Rakuten

These are stores which we actually physically shop at, or request delivery orders from. You can also earn cash back from:

  • Lyft (yes it works for scooter rides too)

  • Uber

Sign up for PEI today and earn a $20 bonus when you make your first purchase with one of their hundreds of merchants.

Cash Back in Bitcoin

Why is this a benefit? Rather than requesting cash back in US Dollars, do so in Bitcoin to hedge your investment risk in the future. As of today, February 24th, 2021, $1 worth of Bitcoin is now worth $5. If you didn't withdraw to Bitcoin, that $1 is now worth 70 cents due to inflation.

The process of withdrawing cash back in Bitcoin from PEI is very simple and it usually takes a few hours for the transaction to complete. Tap withdraw, enter your Bitcoin wallet address, and wait for it complete.

Where can you get a Bitcoin wallet?

The quickest and cheapest ways to get a wallet are to sign up for one of the following free wallets:

If you're looking to move your Bitcoin to "cold storage", follow this link to learn about your options.

Pros & Cons of PEI


  • Choose to receive Cash Back in either Bitcoin or USD with 3 different methods of withdrawal.

  • Link a credit card to receive cash back for all in-store purchases.

  • No need to manually link to merchants. PEI automatically recognizes when you shop with a merchant.

  • Ability to buy other products with your available points.


  • Currently, they do not accept Capital One credit cards (for some reason).

Sign up for PEI today and earn a $20 bonus when you make your first purchase with one of their hundreds of merchants.

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