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  • Jordan Hinsch

15 Best Places to Paddleboard in Miami

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The beauty of paddleboarding is versatility. You don't need to enter from a beach. Miami is lucky to have the Best Urban Paddleboarding Environment in the USA. From beaches, to mangroves, to skyscrapers, to endless wildlife, you're in for quite a treat.

Paddleboarding in Miami South Channel
Me!! Paddleboarding in Miami South Channel

I've created two maps of Miami featuring Launching Points (the spot where you enter the water with your board) and Destinations (recommended areas you can paddle to).

Paddleboarding Safety Tips:

  • While crossing channels, watch for boats and jet skis. It sounds obvious, but they might not see you, so it's up to you to avoid them.

  • Sharks are commonly seen while paddleboarding in the ocean and very rarely on the inter-coastal waterways. Don't freak out if you see one. The chances of it being a shark which can harm you is very slim.

  • It is wise to bring a life-jacket.

  • Learn how to properly fall off of a paddleboard to prevent injuries.

  • Check the wind and do not enter the water if it's windy. Strong wind will make it difficult to exit the water and difficult to remain standing on your board.

  • If the wind is calm and consistently blowing in one direction, paddle into the wind first so you're not tired and struggling on the way back.

  • Be careful when entering the water from ladders. Don't hurt yourself or your board.

  • Have a paddleboard buddy with you!

  • If you decide to paddle in the ocean, KNOW YOUR LIMITS. This can happen if you're feeling overly confident.

paddleboard miami wave south beach
Be Careful!

Update - October 29th, 2020: COVID-19 has resulted in a dramatic spike in the number of active paddleboarders in Miami! Most launching points are currently open and if they're confirmed to be open, it is noted below in GREEN.

Useful Links

Best Paddleboard Launching Points in Miami, Florida

Miami Paddleboard Launching Points
Miami Paddleboard Launching Points

1. Pelican Harbor Marina - North Bay Village - Miami, Florida

  • Launch Type: Ramp

  • Parking: Open Lot

  • Status: OPEN

2. Margaret Pace Park - Edgewater - Miami, Florida

  • Launch Type: Ladder/Shore

  • Parking: Street

  • Status: OPEN