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The Best Ways to Invest in Gold and Silver

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Note from the Author: This is not investment advice. Always do your own due diligence. This is strictly my own opinion and not the opinions of any individual or company mentioned in this article.

Gold and Silver are a hot topic these days, just like Bitcoin. While I personally believe Bitcoin is superior to precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc, I still believe all of the above is a better option than cash or any national currency. Here are the main reasons why Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin are a better store of value:

  • Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin supply is limited, whereas the US dollar supply is endless

  • The value of Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin will appreciate over time, whereas the US dollar value will depreciate

  • Gold and Silver have a long history of providing more stability than the US dollar

Where can you buy physical Gold & Silver?

There are many exchanges out there and various ways to buy physical Gold & Silver. You can even buy on eBay. A lot of these exchanges are not based in the US and have poor reviews.

Money Metals Exchange, on the other hand, is the top choice. Use my referral code at checkout for Free Silver!

  • Based in the USA!

  • Lowest prices

  • Quickest shipping

  • Best customer service

  • Precious metals IRA available

  • A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau

  • Use my code A283119 to get FREE SILVER. Unlimited number of times you can receive free silver!

Where can you buy paper Gold & Silver?

What is paper Gold and Silver? Paper gold and silver are ETFs (Exchanged Traded Funds). They're designed to closely mirror the price of physical Gold and Silver. SLV is the most popular ETF for Silver and GLD is the most popular Gold ETF. These are available for investment through any major brokerage.

  • The hottest new brokerage

  • Unique platform appealing to beginner and advanced traders

  • GLD and SLV is available

  • Use this link to get 2 free stocks when you sign up and make your first deposit!


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