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It's Not Too Late to Plan a Road Trip for 2021. Here is a Fun Itinerary From Miami

Miami to Key West Road Trip

If you live in Miami, you've probably been to Key West, if not somewhere in the Florida Keys. Instead of driving 3.5 hours straight there, have some fun and stop along the way. Here are some places I recommend stopping at.

  • Depending on the time of day in which you begin your journey, you may want to save this for your return trip. Trust me, it's worth it.

  • Coral Castle is a massive stone structure carved from 1,100 tons of coral rock. From 1923 to 1951, one man single-handled carved every masterpiece you'll see.

  • It's $18 for adults. $8 for kids to enter. It'll be a relatively quick visit, so gauge your interest based on the cost.

  • Alabama Jack's is a great lunch stop right on the water. Grab a table right next to the water and enjoy some conch fritters, coconut shrimp, and a drink.

  • Whether or not you still have room for dessert after lunch, stop by Mrs. Mac's Kitchen and buy the best key lime pie you'll ever eat. Pop it in a fridge when you arrive in Key West, if you haven't eaten it all by then!

  • This requires some planning since you can only reach it by boat or kayak. You can rent a kayak nearby or hop on a boat with a nearby operator.

  • Go on some hikes, snorkel, or just hang out.

  • I'm against viewing marine life in captivity, primarily tanks, but this is different. Dolphin Research Center takes care of their animals and they are not kept in tanks. Instead they have lots of room to swim with netting as the boundary. Stop by for some interaction!

  • No need to stop here, just enjoy the view of turquoise water on both sides of the road for (almost) 7 miles.

  • Known as one of the most breath-taking state parks in Florida, Bahia Honda won't disappoint. The pictures online don't do justice. Check it out for yourself.

  • Bring your camping gear if you want to spend the night at one of the many campsites! Ensure you make a reservation.

  • If you still have room, or maybe you spent the night at Bahia Honda, stop by Mangrove Mamas as your final stop before reaching Key West. More conch fritters and incredible tuna tartare.

  • Call it cliché or tacky, but if you visit Key West, you have to take a picture with this famous landmark. This marker is 90 miles from Cuba and claims the be the southernmost point in the USA. It's actually not the southernmost point in the US, but it's the southernmost point most accessible to visitors. The other places further south are strictly private.


Hey! I'm Jordan, a native New Yorker who is addicted to adventure travel, photography, content creation, investing, and fitness. Read on, enjoy, and Never Run Out of First Times!

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