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Catch a Domestic Flight on a Wide-Body Aircraft From MIA While You Still Can

If you fly from MIA to Europe, you already know that you'll be on a large aircraft with a spacious cabin configuration. If you fly from MIA to JFK (New York), you probably know you're going to be in what feels like a crammed Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320. It's annoying to have your flight's departure delayed because you're waiting for everyone to make their way through the tight aisle as they load their bags into the overhead compartment, avoiding the shoulders and heads of other passengers.

What if there was another option? American Airlines has optimized their fleet to make use of larger aircraft which aren't getting much usage due to less frequent flights overseas. MIA, a major American Airlines hub and the company's gateway to Latin America, has an abundance of routes in which you can fly on a wide-body aircraft, domestically! If you frequent these select destinations, try to book a seat on a wide-body!

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What is a wide-body aircraft?

A wide-body aircraft is less common than your typical narrow-body or regional aircraft. It features two aisles instead of one (narrow-body and regional). This means the aircraft's fuselage is wide enough to handle at least 7 passengers in each row (usually at least 8).

Which aircraft are wide-body?

Here are some notable aircraft which you may be familiar with:

  • Airbus A330

  • Airbus A340

  • Airbus A350

  • Boeing 747

  • Boeing 767

  • Boeing 777(X)

  • Boeing 787

As a passenger, what are some advantages of flying in a wide-body aircraft?

  • More cabins to choose from and a true "first class" experience if you want to spend the big bucks. Wide-body first class and business class makes narrow-body first class seem like economy!

  • More amenities! You'll find you are offered headphones, better/more snacks,

  • A better boarding process. Yes, even though wide-body aircraft have sometimes as many as thrice passengers as a narrow-body aircraft, the boarding process is quicker! The primary hold-up during a boarding process is the length of time it takes for passengers to load their bags into the overhead compartment and take their seats. A narrow-body has 1 aisle for 6 passengers in each row whereas a wide-body will have 2 aisles for 7 to 10 passengers, creating less congestion.

Where can I fly on a wide-body from MIA domestically?



New York

Las Vegas


Los Angeles



San Juan, Puerto Rico

There are also loads of short international flights in the Caribbean and to Canada in beautiful aircraft such as the Boeing 787.

How long will these wide-body routes last?

Apparently, these will be in place through the end of August, although I'd bet they extend that for a while given what's going on with the delta variant of Covid-19. Countries abroad are bound to lockdown their borders again which means more wide-body routes for Americans.


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