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Best Date Spots in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a lush and cozy town for a date! Walk by the water and end up at any of these top-notch venues for dinner or drinks.

Best Date Spots in Coconut Grove

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

  • Address: 2833 Bird Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

  • $$$

  • What's unique? If your date likes wine, this is your spot. It won't disappoint.

  • What's great? The wine selection.

  • What's not great? No comment!

  • Tip: They were first a wine store, so be sure to do some shopping before you leave.

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

  • Address: 2820 McFarlane Road, Miami, FL 33133

  • $$$

  • What's unique? The outdoor patio feels like a forest. At night it's lit up beautifully!

  • What's great? The atmosphere and brunch vibes. One of the best date spots in Miami.

  • What's not great? The west side of the restaurant is relatively close to a homeless hangout! They're nice though.

  • Tip: Make a reservation!

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

  • Address: 3540 Main Highway, Miami, FL 33133

  • $$

  • What's unique? A whiskey bar with karaoke and outdoor seating? YES.

  • What's great? A very large selection of bourbon and whiskey!

  • What's not great? Nothing.

  • Tip: Get an Old Fashioned

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

  • Address: 3064 Grand Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

  • $

  • What's unique? A dive bar experience with TVs and a few bar games.

  • What's great? The party environment.

  • What's not great? The "cleanliness" and beer selection

  • Tip: Go here with a group of friends at the end of the night. It's not the right place to begin.

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

  • Address: 3190 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL 33133

  • $$

  • What's unique? Some of the best burgers and beer in Miami.

  • What's great? The beer selection is solid.

  • What's not great? Not much. It's clean for a dive bar.

  • Tip: Try their "Not Lokal" beer menu, it's very unique.

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

  • Address: 2550 S Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33133

  • $$

  • What's unique? Seafood and cocktails on the water with a date!

  • What's great? The night time views and the outdoor bar.

  • What's not great? The vibe can be excessive sometimes.

  • Tip: It's a very big space, so you shouldn't need reservations, but it can't hurt to make one.

  • Neighborhood: Coconut Grove

  • Address: 2721 Bird Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

  • $$

  • What's unique? An Irish Bar... in Miami? Yea that's unique.

  • What's great? The food and drink specials.

  • What's not great? Not much.

  • Tip: It's crowded but it's a fun place to bring a date.


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