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  • Jordan Hinsch

Best Date Spots in Brickell

Speaking as a formerly single individual, Brickell is a great place for dating. Loads of bars and restaurants make it easy (or sometimes difficult) to choose a location.

The Best Date Spots in Brickell.


  • Neighborhood: Brickell

  • Address: 788 Brickell Plaza, Miami, FL 33131

  • $$$

  • What's unique? Sugar is the only rooftop bar in Brickell.

  • What's great? Romantic areas to lounge about with a nice view.

  • What's not great? It can take a very long time to get a drink, even if you sit at the bar.

  • Tip: Sugar is located on the roof of a hotel. You'll need to wait in line on the ground level to be ushered up via elevator to the top floor.

Riverside (multiple bars within)

  • Neighborhood: Brickell

  • Address: 25 SE 5th Street, Miami, FL 33131

  • $

  • What's unique? Riverside is a massive area with lots to do within including restaurants and bars.

  • What's great? A variety of options in case you and your date want to switch it up.

  • What's not great? The food options are limited right now as they wait for more vendors to come in.

  • Tip: Red Bike studios has created a pop-up location here during Covid-19. Get your date spinning on!

MO Bar + Lounge

  • Neighborhood: Brickell Key

  • Address: 500 Brickell Key Drive, Miami, FL 33131

  • $$$

  • What's unique? Located at the Mandarin Oriental, you can expect first class service and waterfront views of Brickell and Downtown.

  • What's great? Good drinks, one of the best date settings in Miami, and people watching. If you see me running by, say hi!

  • What's not great? Price.

Baby Jane

  • Neighborhood: Brickell

  • Address: 500 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131

  • $$

  • What's unique? They have incredible food and the best Ramen in Miami. Facts.

  • What's great? The décor and the crafted drinks.

  • What's not great? It's a small space. They usually have a DJ spinning and it's just too loud. Don't go on a date too late or you won't be able to hear each other.

  • Tip: Unless you choose Baby Jane as a late-night spot, I recommend heading there for happy hour or staying until about 9 or 10pm.

SoCal Cantina

  • Neighborhood: Brickell

  • Address: 1000 S Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130

  • $$

  • What's unique? They have the best tacos in Brickell and great drinks. They play reggae all the time.

  • What's great? Chill vibes and great people watching.

  • What's not great? Taco Tuesdays are very busy. Fair warning.

  • Tip: SoCal is located within a larger restaurant called Dolores Lolita. It used to be more difficult to spot, but people are sometimes still confused. The bar is to the left of the main entrance to Dolores Lolita.

Sweet Caroline

  • Neighborhood: Brickell

  • Address: 1111 SW 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33130

  • $$

  • What's unique? It's the only true Karaoke bar in Miami. Karaoke is literally the purpose of it's existence.

  • What's great? The song selection is on point and the atmosphere is great. Everyone sings along. Oh and the drinks are pretty good.

  • What's not great? It is a small space and gets crowded quickly. Could also be difficult to have a conversation with your date, but you can always step outside.

  • Tip: Fridays tend to be better than Saturdays, my opinion.

Red Bar

  • Neighborhood: Brickell

  • Address: 52 SW 10th Street, Miami, FL 33130

  • $$

  • What's unique? The décor and the games. They have comedy shows.

  • What's great? The drinks are top-notch and the staff is friendly.

  • What's not great? The crowd can be a bit much sometimes...

  • Tip: Ask to see a menu and order one of their specialty drinks.


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