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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mexico as a COVID-19 Getaway

What are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of Mexico? Here are some brutally honest, yet honest common connotations and stereotypes which cross the mind of many Americans when they think of Mexico:

  • Cheap Vacations

  • Crime & Danger

  • All-Inclusive Resorts

  • Beautiful beaches

  • Kidnappings

  • Corrupt Government

  • Drug Cartel

  • Dangerous Drinking Water

If one of the above has ever crossed your mind, in a way, you're not wrong, but don't assume the particular negative points above relate to every part of Mexico. That is simply false. This article relates to the great Mexican State of Quintana Roo. NOTE: I have only been to the great states of Yucatán and Quintana Roo, so I can't comment on the rest of the country.

Quintana Roo's most well-known area is the city of Cancun. Cancun is a resort haven, attracting millions of people each year from all over the world to it's vibrant downtown and affordable all-inclusive resorts. However, it's reputation of being a party city riddled with drunk people everywhere has led some travelers to consider other destinations. Since March 2020, we have added another important factor to consider while traveling: Covid-19 restrictions and how the country is handling it. At first glance, you'd assume that an area of Cancun must have a very high case rate, especially because a PCR test is not required to enter the country. This is a common misconception.

Quintana Roo (the state consisting of Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum) has had a total of 18,000 Covid-19 cases. One might first assume that these foreigners visiting the area might be taking the virus with them back to their homeland, which could be true, but there is have not been "super spreading" instances yet. But, Cancun International Airport is operated very efficiently (compared to American airports). They have thermometers at the entrances to the terminals. In other words, you can't access any part of the airport terminals or lobbies if you have a fever. This doesn't mean you don't have Covid-19, but it's one step further towards preventative action.

Please note: As of January 26th, 2021, all passengers flying to the USA must have proof of a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours prior to departure. Click here to find out how and where you can get a PCR test while in Mexico.

Here are some resources to help you book your travel:

Reasons Why you Should Choose Mexico as a Covid-19 Getaway!

1. Easy Weekend Trip

If you're reading this, you live in South Florida. Cancun is 1.5 hours away, making it an easy weekend trip. Airfare is usually very inexpensive as well.

2. Top-Notch Service

Compared to South Florida, this statement isn't saying much, but as I've lived elsewhere in the country and traveled internationally, I can say that the customer service in Quintana Roo is top-notch. Not just as restaurants, but in all aspects.

3. Ruins, & Cenotes

If you visit Quintana Roo, I'm sure you'll have at least one of the following on your to-do list: Ruins, & Cenotes. The Cenotes down near Tulum are natural wonders and they're worth seeing. Do you research ahead of time to ensure you are prepared for crowds, etc. The Tulum Ruins and Coba Ruins are among the most popular. The famous Chichen Itza Ruins are on a few hours away if you have time to make the trip.

4. Your Dollar Goes Very Far

An inexpensive flight combined with inexpensive, world-class resorts makes for a great experience. Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Riviera Maya are less expensive than Tulum. Tulum can be very expensive during high season, more than most cities in the USA. Head there off-season and you'll have the time of your life!

5. Beaches, Snorkeling, Diving

The underwater experience in Mexico is world class. Who wouldn't want to snorkel or dive with whale sharks? Add that to your list, I know it's on mine!


Hey! I'm Jordan, a native New Yorker who is addicted to adventure travel, photography, content creation, investing, and fitness. Read on, enjoy, and Never Run Out of First Times!

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