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  • Jordan Hinsch

115 Free Certificates for Courses from Coursera. Here is the Full List.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This is a bit off-topic for my blog, but it's completely relevant now during the COVID-19 lockdown. I've been working from home since March 17th and have found ample downtime outside of working hours. With this ample downtime, I've managed to complete 7 courses from Coursera.

Coursera is a fantastic website featuring MOOC's (Massive Open Online Courses) from top universities around the world. As of May 6th, the courses I have completed are as follows:

TIP: Here is a trick I used to be able to complete a 5 course specialization such as the Wharton Entrepreneurship Specialization for FREE. This specialization costs $79 per month and I was happy to pay that to gain the knowledge from the course. I saw it as a bargain since this course is apparently offered in their MBA program. When I signed up for the course, I noticed some fine print *A 7-Day Free Trial, Cancel to Avoid Payment*. I managed to complete the 4 of the 5 courses in 4 days and submitted my capstone project and cancelled inside the 7 day period! I received my final grade after the 7 day period, but it still counted. If you're able to


Back to the main point of the article -- here is a list of 115 completely FREE courses (no 7 day trial, no games).! You can also opt to pay for a certificate, which are totally worth it. These certificates are sharp and you can proudly present them on LinkedIn.

I hope you enjoy this list and share it with others. Never stop learning.