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My Review of the 75 Hard Program by Andy Frisella, with Tips

Updated: Jan 21

My 75 Hard Challenge is DONE!

I need to clarify a very common misconception. This is a mental toughness program, not a fitness challenge. For me, the biggest effect it had on me was breaking bad habits and introducing good ones to my life which I have stuck with since the challenge ended.

Here is my Before and After. Sept 9 2020 vs Nov 23 2020.

Here is what you need to do each day in order to complete the 75 day challenge:

  • Workout twice a day. Each workout must be at least 45 minutes. You can walk twice for 45 minutes each, it just needs to be some sort of activity.

  • One daily workout must be outdoors.

  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book.

  • Drink a gallon of water.

  • Follow a diet and stick with it.

  • No alcohol or cheat meals.

  • Take a progress picture.

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NOTE: I've seen loads of criticism, not on my post, but on other posts about how bad this challenge is for your body. Most people assume the two daily workouts mean two workouts where you push yourself to the max. That's just not true. If you can prove to me that walking twice per day for 45 minutes each is bad for your health and bad for your body, then you'll change my mind (maybe!). Until then, criticize other parts of the program.

INTRO: We all live busy lives as it is so telling yourself you have to find time to workout 14 times (630 minutes) every week instead of whatever you currently do isn’t an easy thing to grasp and it’s easy to say no right away. If you’re in a colder region, it could be more challenging if you don’t like cold weather because one of your daily workouts must be outside. I love running in the cold, but that’s just me. 75 Hard fell during the rainy season here in Miami, so I had numerous wet runs. Reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book every day may be a breeze for you or it could be difficult. Drinking a gallon of water each day is easier said than done!

DIET: I chose Vegan. We chose a true vegan diet with no honey, whey protein or collagen. I found a great low sodium plant-based protein powder to serve as a substitute (ask me for details). When you choose your diet, you can be as carnivorous as you’d like, but the key is to stick to your diet. No cheat/treat meals. Think of your biggest weaknesses and remove then from your fridge and pantry. And finally, the hardest part for most people, NO ALCOHOL.

ROUTINE: During 75 Hard, my productivity increased 10x in all aspects of life. For the first time ever, I woke up at 5am every M-F to workout with Flávia, followed by a morning shake. Nothing wakes you up like an early HIIT workout. Then, I’d log on and begin working between 7-730am, allowing me to increase productivity immediately. Our second workout was always between 630pm-7pm after I took a beet powder drink at 6pm. Another protein shake would follow the second workout, which was either running or yoga, before dinner and Netflix.

We persevered through a lot of temptations such as a weekend away in key west, a Cuban wedding, and a house warming party. Seriously though, who doesn’t drink during a weekend in key west? Us!

I’d like to thank my amazing girlfriend Flavia for being there with me every day, every workout, and completing the challenge with me. We would push each other daily and I couldn’t have asked for a better workout buddy. I’m proud of you! Thanks also to our little support group with other 75 Harders for always pushing and inspiring.

A big shoutout to the Nike Training app and specifically the trainers Kirsty Godso, Brian Nunez, Betina Gozo, Patrick Frost, Alex Silver-Fagan, Branden Collinsworth, and Nez Dally for creating dope HIIT and yoga workouts which we followed religiously on rotation.

But it’s not over yet. Phase 1 begins in February. Phase 2 begins in June. Phase 3 begins in August.

My Tips to Help you Dominate 75 Hard

1. Don't tell yourself you can't do this. It sounds cliché, but you can't do this with a negative mindset.

2. Drink you gallon of water by 7pm, don't leave it until the last minute or else you'll be up all night pissing.

3. If you have a significant other, do it with him/her. This will make things far easier with your diet, your mini-prohibition, and general motivation. You'll push each other daily.

4. In addition to reading a physical book, listen to audiobooks in your downtime and while running/walking. Audible was my best friend and I must have knocked about 8 or 9 books, all of which have added value to my life and one of which was tied to a big life decision which was made during 75 Hard.

5. Don't cheat yourself. If you don't complete one of the required tasks, start over.

6. Create a routine. Getting into a set routine will make this almost EASY.

7. Meal prep. I didn't do this, but it helps a lot of people during 75 Hard.

8. Get outside and do fun activities that don't feel like you're "working out" such as biking, paddle boarding, and surfing!

9. Choose a difficult diet. Don't just eat the same things you normally eat. Challenge yourself!

10. If you choose vegan, ensure you eat well. You can be a vegan and eat French fries all day. Obviously, don't do that. Pack in as much protein and possible along with the essential amino acids.

11. Own some sort of fitness watch. I have an Apple watch, and it has contributed to the majority of my fitness inspiration.

12. Shop my page for 75 Hard Essentials to get you through the process.

Click HERE for my list of supplements and other items to help get you through 75 Hard.

For more information about the 75 Hard Challenge, visit

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