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  • Jordan Hinsch

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact vs Myth & Travel

Updated March 16, 2020

The coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has instilled fear in the minds of just about every person on the planet. Most of this is due to the media brainwashing us with nothing but negative news surrounding the economy and infections. As a result, 2020 could be the "Year of the Road Trip". Either way, let's set the record straight. Read below for some facts and myths of coronavirus.

Before you continue reading, check out my dedicated page covering coronavirus travel resources.

This is what we know to be a Fact:

  • The virus is contagious

  • The virus is a respiratory infection

  • You should avoid people who are sneezing or coughing without covering

  • Avoid large groups of people

  • You have a higher chance of contracting the virus in a city as opposed to a rural setting

  • Masks can help prevent sick individuals from spreading their illness

  • Panic is creating a far worse "standard of living" for all of us

  • Self-isolation is smart

This is what we know to be a Myth:

  • The virus will put you on the Hershey highway (you don't need a massive amount of toilet paper!)

  • Masks will protect you from coronavirus

  • Sanitizing with Purell replaces the need to wash your hands

  • The virus will be gone in a few months (it's here to stay forever)

  • Traveling is dangerous to your health

  • Taking a bath prevents the virus

  • The virus can be transmitted through mosquito bites

  • Pets can spread the virus

  • It's not safe to receive a package from China

How can you travel safely despite the coronavirus chaos?

  • Wash your hands!

  • Sanitize often & use lotion to prevent dryness

  • Don't touch your face, mouth, or ears

  • Carry wipes to wipe down surfaces

  • Always be aware of your well-being and monitor yourself for symptoms

  • Drive instead of fly - ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP


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